Client: The Southern Cooperative

We have worked with The Southern Co-operative to produce a biodiversity action and monitoring plan for the company’s new crematorium site “The Oaks”. The crematorium has been developed in line with The Southern Co-operatives sustainability and environmental values. In order to enhance and conserve biodiversity on the site, they asked us to advise them with the result that the crematorium design successfully incorporates the site’s important ecological features.

The Oaks is surrounded by Ancient Semi-Natural Woodland and the historical landscape of Emsworth Common. The site itself includes an ephemeral pond containing a locally rare species of aquatic plant, floating club-rush. Using on our in depth knowledge and understanding of the ecology and landscape of the area, we have provided advice to help conserve the pond and wetland area, as well as guidance on native planting and wildflower meadow management. Wildlife is thriving at the site, with bluebells and wood anemone now flowering each spring and butterflies and dragonflies hovering in the meadow. Arcadian continues to monitor biodiversity on the site and we will be checking our recently installed bat and bird boxes for occupants.

Gemma Lacey, the Southern Co-operative’s Director Sustainability & Communications said
“Arcadian have developed a plan that protects and enhances the site’s wildlife and habitats and helped to create an idyllic and peaceful place. The native planting and landscaping blends seamlessly with the woodland surroundings and a tranquil memorial garden and wildflower meadow provide a haven for pollinators like bees and other wildlife.”

Arcadian understands the importance of wildlife in different settings and The Oaks is great example of how wildlife can enhance your business. Click here to contact us and discuss how we can help you create wildlife rich business environment.