Pre-entry Countryside Stewardship Farm Review

An initial visit to your farm to discus the Countryside Stewardship scheme requirements, priorities for your area and to identify potential options that you may like to consider in your application. A short report will be produced to help inform your future application.

Mid Tier, Higher Tier and Capital Grant Applications

Our advisors each have over 10 years experience in undertaking successful agri-environment scheme applications and will work with you to design an application that meets the priorities for the area, maximising your chances of a successful agreement, while working with the requirements of your farm business.

Application Check

If you prefer to carry out your own application we provide an application check service, ensuring the forms have been completed as required and advising on whether the options chosen fit with the Countryside Stewardship priorities for the area, maximising your chances of a successful application.

Stewardship Scheme MOT

Helping you to ensure you are meeting the requirements of your ELS, OELS, HLS or Countryside Stewardship scheme. Providing reassurance on compliance with the regulatory requirements together with advice on how to maximise the environmental benefits of your scheme.

Case Studies

Countryside Stewardship
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