Preliminary Ecological Appraisals

A preliminary ecological appraisal is an initial assessment of a site, and usually the first stage in any site project planning. As part of the appraisal, we will conduct a desktop search and an extended Phase I habitat survey of the site. We are trained in the standard JNCC Phase I habitat survey technique and our surveyors are members of CIEEM. We have produced appraisals for habitat restoration projects, flood alleviation schemes and site infrastructure developments.

Biodiversity Action Plans

We are very experienced in the production of biodiversity monitoring and action plans, having produced them for district authorities, parishes, businesses and universities. As part of the biodiversity action plan process we can hold workshops and meet with stakeholders in order to produce achievable actions tailored to your area. Our actions plans also include methods for monitoring the success of conservation projects and effectiveness of habitat management over time.

For businesses, we are able to produce biodiversity management plans to meet ISO14001 requirements and your environmental policies. We are also able to produce biodiversity management plans in line with best practice BRE guidance for solar farms.

For local community and parish groups, we can provide the biodiversity expertise needed for a Neighbourhood Plan. Our team is experienced in working with community groups, private land managers and local authorities, to ensure all local and expert knowledge is drawn upon and local people are engaged in shaping plans for their area.

Biodiversity Benchmark

The Wildlife Trusts’ Biodiversity Benchmark is the only award for business to recognise and reward continual biodiversity improvement. It was set up enable conscientious organisations with corporate social responsibility commitments to increase the contribution they can make towards enhancing biodiversity. Our experienced ecologists can help your business achieve this prestigious award.

Case Studies

Biodiversity Action and Monitoring Plan
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